Into the Wild

Have you ever had those days when things just aren’t going the way you would like them to? When you can’t seem to find a solution or escape from whatever is bothering you? Last week was like that for me, and I desperately needed to just get away from myself and my thoughts. Fortunately, my trip to Snowdonia, Wales was finally here. My phone plan also happened to conveniently expire so I was disconnected from texting and data. Hello, fate!

Two movies and a (pretty grueling) 6-hour bus ride later, we reached our destination at the Legacy Hotel. The last leg of the bus ride actually felt like we were up in the clouds! We were driving up a narrow, curved road up a mountain and fog made it impossible to see anything around us. I couldn’t wait to get off though because my bottom was starting to get numb.

First impression: Wales has more sheep than people. Sheep marked with colored paint spotted the landscape everywhere! I think someone said something about Wales being the country with the most sheep per capita. It’s pretty cool that shepherds still exist today, although I’m sure the job isn’t exactly what I picture in my head (a young male with a staff lounging in a field reading a book, or something along those lines). After a warm dinner and winning some pub quiz, I was dead exhausted. But of course, if you stick two girls in the same room, we’ll stay up talking forever, which is exactly what my friend and I did. It was like a flashback to the days of sleepovers, when you talked about everything and shared whatever was going on in your life.

The next day, I went canoeing and, despite the many warnings, managed to drop my camera into the lake right when I was getting off the boat. Boo hoo. When I saw my camera slowly sink to the bottom, I just stared at it and sighed. In retrospect, it’s actually pretty funny how I just froze and then went, “Oh well.” I swear, I’m so zen lately that nothing phases me anymore. I went mountain biking in the afternoon which was the Best. Experience. Ever. The long uphill biking wasn’t easy at all (I was panting by the end and my quads were on fire) but the view was so absolutely breathtaking. The instructor was a well-toned and good-lookin’ lad who didn’t mind staying behind with us sluggish girls. The view, the people I met, and the downhill ride was worth all the effort. Zoom zoom!

The next morning hike was much more relaxing than the day before but just as breathtaking. We came across a small waterfall and this gorgeous, old stone castle. I actually felt like I was Aragorn when I saw the view of the mountains up ahead (Wales is very New Zealand looking). A camera fails to capture what I actually saw, so I’ll have to revisit these places in my dreams.

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Author: sarachoister

Documenting the journey of being a medical student

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